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The Fountain of Fame was built by Felipe V of Borbón with the aim of embellishing the town and improving its water works, this fountain has gone through many renovations. The project had been the cause for higher taxes collected to pay its construction, and on the day of its inauguration in 1732, some humorous citizens decided to show their wit by placing a sign on it, saying: “Deo volente, rege survente et populo contribuyo”, which means: “God wished it, the king proposed it and the people payed for it”.

Created by Pedro de Ribera, it was first known as the fountain of Anton Martin, the name of the square in which it is located, which was also to be the site of the rebellion known as the “Motin de Esquilache”. After a short term in the park on the western heights of Madrid (the Parque del Oeste), it was moved to its final location in 1941 in the plaza de Pedro de Ribera next to the Municipal Museum.

The whole monument rises in a spiral, anchored by four mythological dolphins until the cusp which supports a winged figure of victory sounding a trumpet and taking off in flight, symbolising the evanescence of fame. It is a typical Barroque theme underscoring the passing of time and referring to the aphorism: Carpe diem carpe horam (Seize the day, seize the hours).


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Fuente de la Fama is noble wood with renewed airs, it is an eclectic kitchen where the traditional is combined with signature cuisine. But there is still more. After the same, a fresh kitchen is hidden where the raw materials of first quality and the recipes of dedication and care are its main values. A kitchen, in short, for everyone.

All under the supervision of its Head Chef, Juan Carlos Peña, who has been in this profession for more than 25 years, being at the forefront of kitchens as important as those of Basque hotels or grills with a renowned mention of Spanish geography. One of his greatest professional values: his teacher, Martín Berasategui (seven Michelin stars).

Their recipes can be tasted accompanied by the best national wines. The selection of our winery, made by Juan Manuel and Nuria Martín, sommeliers and both managers, along with the advice of pairing our professionals will ensure that your evening, event, company or family meal is perfect.


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Our Lounge

Its starry mantle stands on the best linens and an elegant and distinguished tableware, with beautiful paintings and illuminated arches will make the living room atmosphere, a cozy and private place where you can taste the best dishes while having a good chat with yours.

And as it could not be otherwise, in Fuente de la Fama we wanted to give the wine the importance it deserves with our illuminated wine rack that will delight our guests.

From Fuente de la Fama we have always thought that the ideal setting of a dream evening should be in the best possible room, always at the height of its customers.

Our Bar with Reserved

If our room is complete or you prefer it, you can enjoy in the bar area of ​​our reserved area designed to offer our clients a unique and intimate atmosphere. Equipped with metal mesh curtains of innovative design, it can accommodate up to 30 people.



Authentic mediterranean cuisine market with an amazing wine list to not miss it.
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